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I help people who struggle to find quality time with their loved ones learn to strike a sustainable work/life balance, and in the process, actually create time to focus on their true priorities at work and at home.


Typically, my clients are senior managers and directors who work hard in their roles and then do their best to juggle their home life alongside this. As you probably know yourself, this is often far from easy. My job is to help my clients strike a sustainable healthy work/life balance that enables them to truly enjoy the fruit of their labour without burning out early.

The type of results we achieve together are: usually, a lot less stress at the same time as an overall improvement in their performance at work. My clients become less like managers and more like leaders.

Gareth Jones

Regional Franchise Controller – Depuy Synthes | Hospital Medical Devices EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

Over the last 12 months, I have been fortunate enough to use Paul as a coach to support my overall personal growth & development. I was slightly sceptical at first - about the value of a coach - but my experience of working with Paul has certainly put paid to this initial scepticism. Through some very active listening and subtle questioning, Paul has done a great job at helping me to bring many of my sub-conscious thoughts to the surface - to the extent that I have been able to enhance my self-awareness around some of my personal developmental areas that were important me . He then helped me formulate a very practical action plan which I felt very motivated to go and implement.

Working previously in sales and broadcast media, I have built up a vast inventory of experience.  My own career has had its twists and turns - from having two of my own films broadcast for ‘Dispatches’ and ‘Channel Four News’, to owning an award-winning chocolate brownie business.  

As I facilitate the growth and watch the wonderful success of others, I have found that I am very good at making others look good - which in itself - is liberating for me.

Today, I can truly say I love the work that I do - not only because I enjoy it immensely but also, because it genuinely delivers transformation for my clients. Helping people to develop their leadership skills, public speaking confidence or creating time to focus on their true priorities - both in work and family life - brings huge satisfaction and joy. 

I first trained as a coach back in 2007 and, very soon, I began to realise this was the thing I had been looking for that brought immense job satisfaction. When I first began working with corporate clients some time later, I wondered why on earth I hadn't discovered this earlier! I understand my clients' needs and help them discover for themselves what they truly want and how they are going to get it. 

Juggling the demands and pressures of a stressful job at the same time as doing your best at home is challenging.

My clients rarely experience a 'quick fix' when it comes to the whole work/life balance challenge, but they do experience a paradigm shift, and discover the ease with which you can make small but significant changes to your priorities.

Recently, a client of mine managed - adeptly and easily - to make time to go to his young son's 'graduation'.  This would not have been a possibility for him before.

Most primary schools don't even hold graduations and, in the past, my client would have accepted that he couldn't be there because he had to be somewhere else.  Now that he is in a more senior role, he knew he could choose to work from home that day and attend the graduation - which he knew meant a lot to his son. 

These are the small decisions that make a big difference to the people we love - those who are usually the primary motivators for going to work in the first place. I particularly like this example because I did not have to encourage him to do this; he simply did it because his priorities have subtly changed since we began working together.

Bruce Armstrong

Finance Director, GMED, Johnson & Johnson

My interaction with Paul over the last 18 months has been of great value to me… right from the first meeting, Paul’s coaching style has delivered tangible benefits & has helped me to identify clearly my leadership strengths & areas of improvement & resulting actions. Paul consistently shows a real interest in my personal & career development & through his subtle but probing questions has helped me identify what really matters to me! This has been a crucial part of my decision making as I took on a new International Assignment.

I love to travel - especially to places I've never been to before. I believe life is a journey, and we are all at different stages of that journey. If you think I might be able to help you along some of the way, then feel free to contact me and let's discuss what that might look like. 

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