Last night, I went swimming with my son. It’s okay, this is not going to be another blog about my swimming (I am improving for those of you who are interested…slowly!)

Anyway, we came out of the building and there was this wall of words in Jubilee Square, Brighton all underneath the heading…

Before I die…

I didn’t quite know what to make of it at first and to be honest, I didn’t stop to look long. I took a couple of photos and then thought about it as we walked back to the car.


As I sat down to write this blog, I thought it might be a good idea to see if this is just another trendy Brighton art project or maybe it was part of something bigger?

It turns out, over 2,000 walls have been created in over 70 countries and in over 35 languages. Places as far flung and diverse as Flinders Island, Australia; Turku, Finland; Shin-Matsudo, Japan; Tkibuli, Georgia; Plovdiv, Bulgaria; and lots and lots of other more familiar places like Manchester, Tehran, Brooklyn, and even somewhere else I lived near to – Camden Lock Market, London.

If you want to see if there is a wall near where you live Take a look here

What would you write on a wall if you saw one?

Here are just some of the things people have written from various parts of the world…

Before I die I want to…

Right all my wrongs

Marry you

End racism


Be decisive

Overcome depression

Make my parents proud

See my youngest fly

Reconnect with my father

Find my son

Make someone else’s life better

Love my body

Be okay with it all

Live in the moment

Clean out the attic

Not be homeless

Listen more

Make it to age 18 because life is pretty tough

Stop wanting

Repair my broken heart

Worry less

Make peace with myself

Live without regret

Stop being afraid

Say sorry to you

Meet God

Learn how to be brave

Remember when I was happy

Love and be loved

Figure out what I love to do

Stop drinking

Smile from the heart again, like I did as a child…

I think we could all write something. Maybe not on a public wall but therein lies the beauty.

Anonymous confessions like this often liberate the writer but then who knows how many readers feel a stirring in their heart when they read random things like you have just read?

So when I next go swimming, perhaps I actually do need to think how I would end a sentence that starts with…

Before I die I want to…

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Paul Hatcher

I am at heart, a communicator. I love to use words, whether written or spoken and maximise those words to hopefully, bring some encouragement - literally, to put courage into the hearts & minds of those who read or hear them. In my work as an executive coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, I love also to listen...deeply, and then respond with some encouragement.