I really do my best to avoid writing in a partisan fashion about politics and the U.S. Presidential Election was pretty easy to stick to this principle.

Both candidates were a long, long way from where I would align myself. That said, I went to bed thinking to myself, “Surely Clinton will win, despite the investigations that won’t go away and the rumour upon rumour that has circulated the very name Clinton since her husband began his career of denials? If only because the only other, even crazier alternative was Donald Trump becoming America’s 45th President.

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By the time I woke up, I had a strong feeling that given the kind of shocks that appear to be coming thick and fast these days, perhaps Trump would take the White House? And sure enough, when I switched on the TV, this was the latest unexpected upset that all the so-called experts, pundits, pollsters and political commentators had simply dismissed as a virtual impossibility.

The message going forward for all of us is surely this…

Forget everything you knew before.

But don’t leave it at that. You have to somehow turn that thought into something positive.

As I have said several times before on this blog, change is here to stay

Fear is the Enemy

Whatever we may all feel or think about Mr. Trump, he is the next President of the most powerful nation on earth.

You can choose to react – like the Americans who are apparently seriously considering leaving the U.S. Or as one comedy sketch put it last night on Radio 4, “Can we just forget this Independence thing please? I’m from New Hampshire but I would like to go back to simply Hampshire now…go Basingstoke bro!”

Or you can choose to respond differently. In this post-Brexit Britain, pre-Trump America, lots of people are understandably worried, stressed, anxious, annoyed and probably, extremely tired.

Why don’t you see if you can introduce a dose of optimism, happiness, laughter wherever possible?

Or even design your own version of what one travel photographer did and tell people something genuinely complimentary about them and simply watch their face light up?

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Paul Hatcher

I am at heart, a communicator. I love to use words, whether written or spoken and maximise those words to hopefully, bring some encouragement - literally, to put courage into the hearts & minds of those who read or hear them. In my work as an executive coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, I love also to listen...deeply, and then respond with some encouragement.