If like me, you have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the daily news agenda – largely due to the fact that it is mainly all bad news, then you may not have heard about Captain Tom Moore but I would be extremely surprised.

You can read the full story by using the link above but in short, the man is a walking miracle – literally!

First of all, he is a relatively healthy man of almost 100 years standing. His birthday is at the end of this month.

Secondly, he wanted to give back to the NHS for what they have done for him in recent times, and so decided to try and raise £1,000 by completing 100 laps of his 25 metre ’round trip’ garden.

In surely one of the best examples of an event going viral, he has today finished his mission but instead of raising £1,000, he has in fact, raised almost £15 MILLION!

With average donations of £20.00, more than 700,000 people around the world have given and at times, the Just Giving page has collapsed due to the huge numbers of people trying to donate simultaneously.

Just Giving has confirmed it is the largest amount of money ever raised in a single campaign and they themselves, have donated £100,000 to Captain Moore’s cause.

What a man! He was a World War Two hero many decades before any of this, so he’s ore than your average hero.

What a legacy to leave for his family and what a way to spend the last few days before your age goes into triple figures in another couple of weeks.

If nothing else good comes out of this extraordinary season we are living in, we should all take stock and remember Captain Tom Moore for the rest of our lives. He’s certainly got some drive and that’s not just the brand of his walking frame!

It seems only right to end this blog with a quote from him yesterday, as he completed his challenge.

“You’ve all got to remember that we will get through it in the end, it will all be right,” he said.

“For all those people finding it difficult at the moment, the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away.”

Paul Hatcher

I am at heart, a communicator. I love to use words, whether written or spoken and maximise those words to hopefully, bring some encouragement - literally, to put courage into the hearts & minds of those who read or hear them. In my work as an executive coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, I love also to listen...deeply, and then respond with some encouragement.