I have had an injury for some six weeks now and it is really beginning to irritate me at times.

My wife and I recently joined a gym and one of the things we like to do is what are commonly known as ‘chin ups’. We even have a chin up/pull up bar in our home and until recently, it was my daily habit to do several chin ups in the morning. I say ‘several’ liberally as the actual number I do varies wildly on how consistent I have been. Okay, the most I have done is ten. But even after just a few days off on holiday, this number can plummet right down to five!

Anyway, on this particular occasion, we were in the gym and I went to do a very slight jump up to the bar and then begin the chin ups. Unfortunately, my right hand didn’t quite catch the bar properly and slipped. At the same time, my left hand (which had made perfect contact) realised something was up with his chin up buddy and reacted accordingly. This reaction caused my muscle to tear and elicit some sharp pain.

See below for a photo of someone who looks like me on a chin up bar…well, he at least has very similar hair to me!)


I hoped it would wear off very quickly but it soon became obvious that it actually made me go very weak at the arms and I was reduced to retreating to the changing room.

After about three weeks, I went to my GP who simply said I would have to “wait it out” and patiently allow the muscle to heal. The estimate is approximately six weeks, so you understand my growing frustration.

So, what does all this calamity have to do with anything?

Well, as you may recall, while you are reading this, I will be hiking through the Scottish Highlands (we’ve been advised it is somewhere near Loch Tay but that’s all we know) being pushed to the limit with a couple of hundred other men.

Do I feel in perfect shape and condition for such a challenge? Of course not – even without the injury!

But that is half the thrill of it. You don’t always know when a big challenge is coming do you?

In fact, most of life’s challenges have a habit of creeping up on you just when you are not expecting it.

Things like redundancy, bereavement, serious injury, divorce, bankruptcy.

What I’ve learned at least, and in the words of my friend Terry, with whom I will be sharing a tent is simply this, “Whatever the weather, you just keep putting one foot in front of the other.”

I’m expecting to live to tell the tale (or at least the highlights!) next week but if not, please send out a search party!

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