Some time ago now, my youngest son ordered a self-standing basketball hoop from Argos. It arrived damaged beyond repair.

We took it back and got another one. This time, we assembled it and it broke within a day or so for no other reason than that it was poorly made.

We took it back again and told the Manager my son needed his money back due to the poor quality of the product. He tried to insist that we take a second replacement and for some reason, could not understand why we no longer had any faith in the product.

My son, not short on money at the time, took the decision to invest more heavily in one of his favourite sports and spend twice the money he had on the first product and this time, ordered it from Amazon.

Incredibly, when we tried to assemble this much more expensive version, there was a key component missing! Something was beginning to tell me he would be better off simply going to the nearby park and playing there. I got on the phone to the customer service team at Amazon and explained the situation to them. Within literally seconds, not only was I through to a real human being but the said human being was able to put me at complete ease with what they were going to do about it.

They would be sending out a replacement the next day and I would not even have to deconstruct all of the parts that we had put together. Their courier would gladly take away the faulty item, and they would deal with it from there. Simple.

The difference in service to my son and I was like night and day.

amazon_service11So it came as no surprise to me today when I saw that Amazon has now become Britain’s favourite company for customer service, rising one place from last year. John Lewis, also famous for it’s customer service, has dropped from top of this list, to now being out of the top three for the first time in seven years. They may want to take a look and see if certain standards may have been slipping. For the list of the Top 50 Click Here.

It really is all about the service you receive as the customer but it still never ceases to amaze me how many businesses get this crucial factor so horribly wrong.

I had the enormous pleasure of meeting Mary Portas at a trade show about four years ago and she was every bit the delight that she comes across as in her TV shows. Mary Portas.

She is a true champion for customer service and for anyone in any kind of business, it is worth learning the basics from people like her. If you’ve never seen her in action, I would highly recommend you watch and learn. And if you have, and like me, you love how she brings people around, then simply catch up on the latest series.

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