One of my biggest regrets in life is failing to have seen Talking Heads perform live. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you need to at least watch the first two minutes of this video to appreciate the immense value that would have come with any priced concert ticket Click Here to sample the ludicrously creative, energetic dancing to Life During Wartime on the Stop Making Sense movie – widely hailed as one of the greatest rock movies ever made.

Talking Heads dancing

There are a lot of other reasons why I love Talking Heads but here are just a few thoughts…

The simple but so often perfectly poignant lyrics of so many songs such as Perfect World….
And I’ve been walking, talking
Believing the things that are true
And I’ve been finding
The difference between right and wrong…bad and good
See me put things together
Put them back where they belong

I would have put down all the wonderful words from this, one of my all-time favourite songs ever but I suspect I may have lost you in the process. You know what to do if you want to feast on the whole thing Click Here

It was this song as well as And She Was, The Lady Don’t Mind and Television Man, all from the Little Creatures album that I would play over and over again when I lived for a few months in Huntington Beach, California.

And then, as I discovered more of their music in reverse order, I found myself dancing wildly to songs like The Great Curve Click Here and check out these words if you don’t have time to listen to the whole song…

The world has a way of looking at people
Sometimes we feel that the world is wrong
She loves the world, and all the people in it
She shakes ’em up when she starts to walk.

By now I am sure you’re wondering what on earth I am doing being an evangelist for Talking Heads – whether you love them as much as me or not.

Well, the reason is simple.

When was the last time you took just five minutes or less perhaps, to sit down (or if you’re like me, stand up and dance!) and listen to one of your absolutely favourite songs?

There is just something truly magical about the beautiful power of music isn’t there? Some music can take you down with a heavy dose of melancholy, while other stuff can lift you out of where you are within the first few seconds of the track.

Music is what feelings sound like

Why don’t you choose a song, take a seat, or a spot on whatever dance floor is before you and soak it all in, every last bit?

Imagine if we all did that at the same time on one particular day?

We could call it Dance Relief. I wonder who else is up for it…








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