One thing I’ve learned about change is NOT that it is here to stay.

That is a given and I’ve already written about it. If you want to know what I said then you can use the link

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No, the thing that I have more recently learned about change is that those who like to run with change, even represent change, are very often the ones whom we come to admire, and tend to have a huge influence in our lives – whether we like it or not.

David Bowie was of course, the epitome of constant change, and so his death at the beginning of this week has caused me to reflect on another side to the nature of change.

I loved his music. I first remembered hearing about him from my older cousins – all girls – who loved him and all the other glam rock artists of the early 1970s such as Sweet, T-Rex and somehow, David Essex, even though he never tried to compete as a glam rocker; he was simply a handsome dude.

When I came into my own ‘musical maturity’ the sheer breadth of music to get into from Bowie was breathtaking. My friends and I mined the riches of Aladdin Sane, marvelled at the madness of Ziggy Stardust, and laid back and dreamt of Young Americans.

And then, in 1983, the Serious Moonlight tour gave us our first opportunity to go and see the great man himself, and get a first hand taste of his genius all the way up to his latest hit, Let’s Dance.Let's Dance Bowie

It was an epic event, accompanied by an even more epic train journey, including one of our mates falling asleep on the train home and us forgetting to do a head count; (we were only sixteen after all!) and him waking up at the end of the line at Portsmouth Harbour.

So rather than this be a simple, personal tribute to a great artist who inspired and influenced many, what can you take from his life that will help you to do life that bit better?

For me at least, I’m going to continue to trust that as life takes me on the many and various twists and turns, I will always have an abundance of opportunities to change – for better or worse. I will continue to do my best whenever change comes along, and hopefully, I will mature in greater measure along the way.

6d7fb9af3f474a6d3bb5375decd5da42Without having to change my appearance as many times as the man of change!


p.s. I couldn’t resist giving you a link to Changes either but I definitely couldn’t even begin to list my favourite Bowie songs but perhaps you can let me know your favourite?

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