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What Others Say About Working With Me...

Mark Robinson

VP Finance & CFO, EMEA, Illumina

I have been working with Paul for more than 5 years and, during this time, he has played a key part in supporting my career development as I have taken on roles of increasing responsibility within my organisation. The 1:1 coaching he has provided has not only facilitated my development as a leader but also enabled me to balance the demands both inside and outside of work; achieving a greater balance in my life. Throughout this process, he has constantly challenged me to be brutally honest with myself about my feelings and motivations, forcing me to confront and address the key issues and challenges that I have been facing.

Barry Hampson

Owner & Founder of Nuvo

The impact of coaching sessions with Paul is immediate. You are at once able to focus on the key areas that are holding you back from realising your full potential. I started using Paul because I was finding it hard to work ‘on’ my business rather than ‘in’ my small business and although I kind of knew what I needed to do, I really needed someone to help me start doing it. The agendas for sessions with Paul are open ended, and focus around goals set from previous sessions plus any immediate issue. We can talk about anything from business to personal and in fact, the two often overlap and this is a really important benefit as you begin to realise this. They are completely confidential which means you can open up and delve in and out of any topic. You generally don’t find a confidant in life who will actually listen properly to what you are saying, remain completely impartial, and recommend sound courses of action. Paul keeps a structure to things, and always finds a succinct way to summarise what has been said/agreed in order to keep a focus. It should be said it is generally down to you to think about what it is you feel needs to be discussed. And it is also down to you to put the work in between sessions to achieve the maximum value from them – and this works extremely well when you set realistic achievable targets. I have no doubt that working with Paul has had a major benefit on the way I approach business and personal life and I really would have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.

David Hoffbrand

Freelance trainer, Associate Tutor, University of Sussex Social Work department, musician

I have known Paul Hatcher for a number of years and found him both inspirational and effective as a coach. In the sessions we have had he has helped me really clarify my goals and identify practical steps towards achieving them. Being freelance (trainer, associate tutor for the University of Sussex, musician, businessman) means I have to balance a real variety of roles and objectives. Paul is clear thinking and good at drawing out the important factors in considering competing objectives and tasks, and defining priorities within those. I value his continuing input in these areas of my life tremendously and couldn't recommend him highly enough to anyone considering entering a coaching relationship with him or thinking about employing him in a role which relies on those and related skills.

Dan Armstrong

Director, Wildfire Studios

Paul has a great ability to take a complex and often emotional issue and walk you through it in a way that is
empowering and releasing. He is great at remembering what is really important to you as an individual so
that you feel really understood and not just squeezed into a convenient pre-made 'fix'.

Jon Gibson

Senior Designer, Ostmodern

I was about 21 when Paul agreed to be my life coach. At the time I had no career and few ideas as to what I wanted to actually achieve. Through our sessions Paul taught me how to focus my attention and develop my skills, he helped me to discover my passions and improve my commitment to them. Four years on I am now working as a senior graphic designer for one of the world’s leading digital PR and marketing companies. All this without any formal training. To this day I still put in to practice a lot of the advice Paul shared with me. Whether in my management duties or creative capacity, he was fundamental to the foundations of shaping my career.

Luke Gibson

Operations Manager, Graphite Digital

Though I naturally struggle with time management and motivation, coaching sessions with Paul helped me learn to focus and commit by finding out what was really important to me. His encouragement and practical advice have stuck with me over the years. In fact, the watch I bought at Paul's suggestion has been on my wrist almost every day since... I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for support in their latest adventure!

Max Curd

Director, Maximilian Magic

Having Paul as a coach was very helpful; he made me look and think about aspects of my life I wouldn't normally think about, or perhaps wouldn't usually open up. This was very effective as these were usually the things limiting my productivity or efficiency. Coming away with actionable steps after each session was very useful and allowed us to track the progress and development. Paul was a great help and I would recommend him to anyone.

Bruce Armstrong

Senior Finance Director, EMEA Regional Team, Johnson & Johnson

My interaction with Paul over the last 18 months has been of great value to me….. Right from the first meeting Paul’s coaching style has delivered tangible benefits & has helped me to identify clearly my leadership strengths & areas of improvement & resulting actions. Paul consistently shows a real interest in my personal & career development & through his subtle but probing questions has helped me identify what really matters to me! This has been a crucial part of my decision making as I took on a new International Assignment.

Gareth Jones

Regional Franchise Controller – Depuy Synthes | Hospital Medical Devices EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

Over the last 12 months I have been fortunate enough to use Paul as a coach to support my overall personal growth & development. I was slightly sceptical at first about the value of a coach but my experience of working with Paul has certainly put paid to this initial scepticism. Through some very active listening and subtle questioning Paul has done a great job at helping me bring many of my sub-conscious thoughts to the surface to the extent that I have been able to enhance my self-awareness around some of my personal developmental areas that were important me . He then helped me formulate a very practical action plan which I felt very motivated to go and implement. What has also been very valuable is that through our regular catch ups he has played a great role in holding me to account to deliver the actions agreed in previous sessions. I feel this has been particularly important in deriving the true benefit from these sessions given that I have many competing priorities in my work/life environment which has meant historically that personal development priorities have always tended to take a back seat. What is also important for me is that Paul’s coaching isn’t restricted to purely the workplace but is focused on the full work/life spectrum so ensures my personal growth is all encompassing.

Alicia Chung

Senior Scientific Communication Leader, Genentech/Roche

It was a pleasure working with Paul as a coach through the professional mentoring program, Everwise. Outside of the primary objective of my partnership within this program, he's also helped me tremendously with corporate navigation that has enabled me to take important next steps in my professional development and growth.

Ali Barker

EMEA Finance Training & Development Director, Johnson & Johnson

Paul has a very clear, engaging and empathetic coaching style that really supports my ability to reflect in a non-directive environment. Having recently been promoted into a new role, Paul has been fantastic at coaching me through the ups and downs of the first 100 days and help me build confidence and momentum in my new role. As I have settled into the role, Paul has subtly shifted our focus to looking forwards at how I can focus my future development further. Paul is extremely well read and builds these insights into his approach to encourage me to consider all elements of my life from professional to personal to really help me grow as a human and not just an employee.

What my clients say about working with me as a facilitator/presenter/speaker…

Matt Davis

Pastor, Emmanuel Church

Paul was a key seminar speaker at my business event, addressing 70+ delegates (in business or running their own enterprise) on the topic of Psychology of Sales. Very well received, engaging and challenging. Thoroughly recommended.

Mark Robinson

Senior Finance Director, Hospital Medical Devices, Gross Profit Improvement, Johnson & Johnson

A great day and a constant reminder of what a great team we have, with a fantastic sense of openness. Paul's strong interpersonal skills and relaxed style breaks down barriers and builds relationships quickly; which foster transparent conversations and successful team building.

How well do you think the presenter of the workshops engaged with the attendees?


Paul was able to establish a great relationship with each of us. The whole workshop was a breakthrough for me; I have learnt about myself.


Excellently, with a friendly and calm approach. I was very impressed that he remembered everyone’s name.


He was fantastic, very easy to talk to and an empathetic presenter.

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