This week, most children and teachers went back to school, and not a day too soon most parents will declare!

Most schools however, opened a day early for an INSET day.

If you’re anything like me, the first time I heard about this was when my daughter was due to start school. I was convinced people were saying, “Tomorrow is an insect day.”

“The School Must Need Fumigating!” I said to myself and believe it or not, a long time elapsed (I can’t remember precisely how long) before I realised that it is in fact, INSET (In-Service Education & Training) day.

Since then, I have had the privilege of going to my former secondary school to speak about the benefits of creating a coaching culture in school on an INSET day, and there were definitely no insects there – at least not in the main hall!

I found this short video entitled What Do Teachers Do on School Inset Days?

Sadly, no one confessed to what I used to think they do.

Perhaps I really was the only one?


Paul Hatcher

I am at heart, a communicator. I love to use words, whether written or spoken and maximise those words to hopefully, bring some encouragement - literally, to put courage into the hearts & minds of those who read or hear them. In my work as an executive coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, I love also to listen...deeply, and then respond with some encouragement.