I have never liked the idea of virtual reality, simply because I’m a bit old-fashioned like that. In the same way, I don’t approve of mass mobile phone-video recording of anything that is supposed to be a valued experience.

If you’re going to video the concert for example, that you’ve probably paid three figures for, why not save a lot of money and video a similar show off the TV is my logic?

Anyway, that is going way off piste.

My point is that currently, virtual is our reality – for better or worse.

Sometimes, you can take what you might have normally done somewhere else and simply recreate it at home.

Is that virtual reality?

Not really but you know what I mean I trust.

Last Saturday, my wife and I suddenly had a genuine desire for a cream tea.

As you do.

It would be wonderful to state here that the above image is of some fabulous home -made scones that we enjoyed in our beautifully large country garden.

I must confess however, that we bought some scones (I know we could have made some and maybe we will next time – provided we have the ingredients in the cupboard), a pot of clotted cream and we already had some strawberry jam in the fridge.

And no, this is not our garden, although we are enjoying sunny days this week in our much smaller mini-garden.

And we enjoyed our virtually ‘home made’ cream so much that we forgot to take a photo. That’s what happens when you refuse to record everything you do for fun.

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Paul Hatcher

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