Recently, I finally got around to reading a book that a very dear friend gave to me last year. I haven’t finished it yet and I suspect it may take me a little while. Not because it is War & Peace or anything like that kind of length but because it is so profoundly deep and transformational…if I apply it to my life.

What is this book you may ask?

The Bible? No, although I would recommend anyone reading the best-selling book of all time.

It is in fact, More Time To Think by Nancy Kline


Here some samples that I believe will help and hopefully inspire you, even if you never buy the book:

“The one thing the human mind seems not able to multi-task is Attention. It can do lots of other kinds of things at the same time, but not if one of them is Attention. This is important for leaders and managers to know. But it is vital for parents to know. We cannot do other things and listen at the same time. Our children, of all ages and until the day they or we die, need us to listen to them. Listening is right up there with food and air. And love. Actually, it is love.

“So, for some part of every day, when you are with your child, of any age, put away your laptop, your iPhone, your joy stick, your newspaper, your lists, your book, your wine; and turn off the TV. Be. Just be there. Be available. Your children will soon talk.Then get interested and listen. Say nothing for ages. They know when you are not listening. And it adds up. And soon, way sooner than you think., it is too late. You can’t go back to their childhood and listen. They are gone.


Listening without interruption

Being interested in what the person will say next

Attention is an act of creation

Listening to reply is different from listening to ignite

As the thinker, knowing you will not be interrupted frees you truly to think for yourself”

Remembering the time she listened to her twin brother only three weeks before he died, she writes, “Then out of the silence, out of the blue, blue as in infinity, he said carefully and clearly, ‘When you love him, you get to listen, and then…’

“I waited. This life in front of me was a whole world.”

‘And then, you get to listen, more and more.’

“For him those words were probably about God. Knowing him, I am sure they were, in fact. But I thought, knowing Bill, they were also about people. Those words were a principle of the universe, simple, blinding. and thus easily missed.”

Nancy Kline Attention

Now you know why I have called this blog what I have don’t you?


Paul Hatcher

I am at heart, a communicator. I love to use words, whether written or spoken and maximise those words to hopefully, bring some encouragement - literally, to put courage into the hearts & minds of those who read or hear them. In my work as an executive coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, I love also to listen...deeply, and then respond with some encouragement.


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