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Create Time to Focus

Learn how to
Create Time to Focus
on your true priorities
at work & home

Discover how to live healthily in every respect – primarily through developing a genuinely healthy work / life balance.  My clients learn how to focus on key areas of life that are frequently neglected such as family relationships and creating time to think deeply.  This helps them to come to a fresh understanding of themselves, enabling them to be released into their true potential.

Healthy Work/Life Balance

It is no good performing well at work if your health suffers as a result.  When YOU are ‘healthy’, your work and everyone in your life will benefit...

Create Time

If you want to find the Time to Think*, you have to do something differently...


Whatever you focus on becomes a larger part of your vision. The optimum position is to truly identify and then focus - like never before - on your true priorities...

 Mark Robinson

VP Finance & CFO EMEA, Illumina 

I have been working with Paul for more than 5 years and, during this time, he has played a key part in supporting my career development as I have taken on roles of increasing responsibility within my organisation. The 1:1 coaching he has provided has not only facilitated my development as a leader but also enabled me to balance the demands both inside and outside of work; achieving a greater balance in my life. Throughout this process, he has constantly challenged me to be brutally honest with myself about my feelings and motivations, forcing me to confront and address the key issues and challenges that I have been facing.

Hi, I'm Paul

Having had my personal world turned completely upside down in the last five years, I have experienced a renewed sense of gratitude, joy and compassion… and a sense of urgency to see these universal values realised in the lives of others wherever possible...

Barry Hampson

Founder, Nuvo 

The impact of coaching sessions with Paul is immediate. You are at once able to focus on the key areas that are holding you back from realising your full potential.

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